Hi guys

I know there has been complaints to have the semi auto shotgun event to drop the mandatory reload. So starting with only 3 in the gun.

Now it was also the principal of pin shooting to not be an equipment race so guys with Beretta A300's and A301's should be just as able to compete as guys with 9 shot Franchi's etc. etc.

So hence we currently have the manual shotgun and auto loading shotgun. both basically start off with 3 in the gun.

Now I we do shoot the "shotgun open division" where pumps can go against semi autos and you can fill your mag. however since it isn't in the rule book it's not really an official event.

Now my question is do you guys think we should add this in the official rulebook? If anything else it's a reason for another gun. If you have a shotgun with limited capacity you'll now have a official reason for a high capacity shotgun as well.