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    Default Baviaans Baboons of Rooihoek campsite

    Went to Baviaans Kloof two weeks ago for a few days and with it being out of season me and the misses could not refuse the idea of having the entire camp too ourselves. On arrival it was just as I had pictures the site.....completely empty. So after pitching the tent we thaught it would be a wonderfull idea to go for a stroll down by the river and maybe even take a swim. On the way down to the river we spotted a troop of baboons about 500 meters away on the other side of the river. We took some pictures laughed at the big male scratching his balls and went on our way.
    We got back to our camp about 2 hours later and found that the baboons had tried to get into the car as they probably smelled the goodies in the coolbox. All food stuffs was left in the vehicle as per the recommendation of SANparks.They ripped off all the wheel arch trim and side panels that run down the sides of the Land Cruiser, with wiper blades and radio aerial also falling victim to their prehistoric nature. Our tent also got customized to baboon spec. So on day 1, a 5 day trip had to sadly end.

    Baviaans is a really wonderfull place and extremely scenic but if you get to their campsites and you find that you are the only people there then dont leave your vehicle and tent out of site, if you do find fellow campers then go and introduce yourselves and team up against the little bliksems.

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    Default Re: Baviaans Baboons of Rooihoek campsite

    Baboons in the Baviaans Kloof? Well I never...
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