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    Default Wanted cloned police vehicle found in Glenvista

    Wanted cloned police vehicle found in Glenvista

    Glenanda house where a wanted cloned police more

    When a resident of Glenanda contacted the local security to report suspicious activity at a nearby house, nothing could have prepared them for what was uncovered.
    08 August 2013 | Zesuliwe Hadebe

    “A police vehicle came here, opened the gate and they broke the garage door,” revealed Kade and Mario from DND Security who were first on the scene of what was revealed to be bigger than what they had bargained for.
    A marked police vehicle was found on August 8, with one door left open, inside were the belongings of wanted suspects who are reportedly linked to a series of other crimes.
    “We got confirmation earlier this morning that Brackendowns SAP were chasing that same vehicle,” he added.
    This vehicle has SAPS markings although upon close inspection it was discovered that the markings do not match official police vehicles. “It had all police equipment in it.”
    An arrest is expected to be made soon.

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    Close to home.
    Recent studies show that 1 out of every 3 liberals are just as dumb as the other 2

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