Hi guys, Just wanted some info if you'd be kind enough to point me in the right direction.

I'm really interested in getting into practical 3 gun and rifle but as you will see from profile or previous posts I cannot license a firearm due to resident status.
I've been to a couple ranges with friends but would like to know if there's somewhere I can visit and get involved. Ideally somewhere where I can rent or borrow a rifle?

I'm familiar with Glock 17,19 and 22. I used to do charity clay pigeon shoots in the UK with friends and can field strip an SA80. Never fired it though as I left the TA 3 months before my training ended and 6 months before I was due to leave to Afghan. =(

My partner will be applying for SD license next year, We'll probably go for a Glock as I want to get the Roni carbine conversion kit. Hoping I can do practical pistol and rifle with the kit?

Any info will be appreciated.