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    Default Rules at Frontier Shooting range regarding taking part in IPSC matches.

    Would one be able to attend/participate in some form of IPSC shoot or two or three, to give it a bash, or would you be expected to commit and jump in the deep end, before knowing if its for you or not?
    This question came up under IPSC discussions and I would like to answer here under our own sub-forum what the policy at the Frontier range is. This policy is for the Frontier range, that only hosts Provincial Level II and higher shoots and is not applicable to other clubs in the province that hosts lower level shoots. The odd lower level match at Frontier will fall under the same rules, to keep things simple and safe. If Frontier would host an 'open day' in future, rules for that will be communicated at the time.

    In order to take part in a Level II match :
    You must use the proper equipment.
    Your club fees must be paid up to date, no matter which club you belong to.
    Your Provincial fees must be paid up to date.
    You must have paid for and completed the practical and written exam at Frontier for dedicated status. This rule means that even if you are a paid up member of another club in the province, but did not achieve dedicated status, or did not pay your provincial fees, you are not allowed to shoot Level II matches.
    Shooters from outside of the province, must be SAPSA members.
    If NWPSA members want to shoot matches outside of the province, they must have taken part in more than two Level II matches in the province and get the OK from NWPSA.

    To take part in higher than Level II matches, you must be a SAPSA member, whether in NW or elsewhere.

    New comers to the sport that is unsure whether they want to get involved in the sport can:
    Visit Level II or higher shoots as a spectator. Mingle with the shooters, ask questions and observe. Remember eye and ear protection.
    Get a mentor/member and go with him/her to their practice sessions. If on a Saturday, you will be expected to pay the visitor range fee. See link
    Find out from other clubs in the province whether you can go shoot a lower than Level II match at their club and what thier rules are.
    If you are looking for a mentor at Frontier to go practice with, give me or John Loupellis a shout.

    Link to thread with current Frontier fees here. (R2100 incl. club fees)

    These rules may change. Keep an eye on this thread.
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