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    Default Great Service!

    Thank you so much Marius for your time and the excellent service and products you sell. Once again happy to have my holster and fits perfectly. See you soon for the metal night sights.


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    I have to second that. In this day and age it is really difficult to get good service. People just dont care anymore. It irritates me immensly when you send emails to suppliers and they dont bother to get back to you. Or you have to nag them just to get feedback on the progress of your order.

    I recently bought a black mamba holster, mag pouch and speed belt from jizni. The goods was posted the following day after payment, i received the tracking number right away, on arrival i noticed that i did not order a big enough belt, i did not leave enough space for iwb holster.
    Emailed jizni, marius responded quickly and told me to send the belt to him to exchange for bigger one. Send him the tracking number, he send me the new belt. The important thing is that he communicated the whole time, letting me know what is happening.

    I think that communication is the key to great service and some of the other suppliers on gs can defnately learn from this. (I bough something from another supplier, but have been battling for a week to get any feedback from them, paid them for the goods but dont get any response, no confirmation of payment received, no tracking number., nothing..)

    Well done marius. I will defnately support you again.

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    Default Re: Great Service!

    I have also had very good service from them. Very quick responses and very helpful. I did kind of mess them around a little bit due to my indecisiveness regarding holsters (feel bad about that) and he was still very patient and helpful. Delivery has always been as promised.

    Keep up the good work and thank you once again


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