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Thread: Pro FA Journo's

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    Default Pro FA Journo's

    This will hopefully develop into a credible list of Journo's that are:

    1) Pro Gun.
    2) Ambivalent / fair reporting, but not following a clear anti-gun agenda.

    The idea is to use this list to invite said journo's out to shoots, events, training etc

    The idea for this list comes directly out of a discussion started by Zoo Keeper and can be found here.

    Male :

    PRO: Ivo Vegter

    Female :

    Please feel free to build on the list.

    Add at least one reference to validate your reasoning for putting them on the list.
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    Default Re: Pro FA Journo's

    I would be interested to hear Angelique Serrao's response to an invitation.

    You can some of Angelique Serrao's gun reports here:
    1. Cops allegedly involved in gun scandal:
    2. Call for halt on issuing of gun licences:
    3. R50 000 bribe paid for gun licences:
    4. Threat in guns drama:

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