Report recently released by the Institute of Race Relations. And then Govt. want to make it more difficult for citizens to protect themselves?

"In any event it is most unlikely thatlarge numbers of ‘cloned’ police canoperate in complete isolation from thereal police."

"Certainly women
travelling aloneand at night have particular reasonto fear the blue lights in the rearview mirror."

"Our response to that defence is that, despite these clones, we have been able to establish that in the great majority of the 100 cases analysed real police officers were involved. More often than not we know this because the police admitted to it when they arrested the officers in question. In any event it is most unlikely that large numbers of ‘cloned’ police can operate in complete isolation from the real police. This is especially so when questions are raised about how cloned officers gain access to police equipment, radios, and fi rearms. There are now several cases where one to two real police officers have been arrested as part of a larger gang of ‘cloned’ police offi cers. In those cases it is obvious that the police are enabling, supporting, and equipping the cloned officers."

DA Press release 23 hours ago

"Parliament must be allowed to ascertain whether SAPS members are performing sub-standard investigations, if they are, whether or not it is a deliberate ploy to protect their colleagues; and whether this inevitably leads to flimsy grounds on which to prosecute. If it is determined that the SAPS are not deliberately undermining the judicial process, the joint committee must ascertain whether or not the NPA is presented with well investigated cases and simply fails to properly prosecute."