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Thread: Club 15-22

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceOfficer View Post
    Reviving this one from the archives.

    So, it seems my 22LR reserves are going to take a hit.
    Took my daughter shooting a while back and opted to let her use the 15-22.

    Running suppressed so there's no loud bangs or harsh recoil. Figured it was the right option for starting. And boy was I right.

    The little one ran through 200 rounds before I eventually got tired of loading mags!

    I assisted with stabilising the rifle for her but allowed her to do her own aiming with the red dot. Was quite happy with her accuracy and her ability to get the dot back on target after each shot.

    Goes without saying that the rifle didn't have any hiccups at all.
    That's fantastic. As spendy as .22 food is these days it's well worth the cost if it leads to the virus spreading. I'm glad to have been a cause of infection a good number of times and few things have been better suited as a delivery vehicle than a suppressed .22 long gun.

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    My mates 15-22 has accounted for 4 additional rifles sold that i know of. The virus spreads quiet easily, but it also helps if the host is receptive.

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