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    Default Importing Rifles into Namibia

    Hi Guys,

    This question has probably been asked on this forum before but mine goes deeper than just importing your rifle for one hunting trip:

    We are "permanently" relocating to Windhoek and I have various firearms on my name. I have read that they don't allow handguns, semi auto rifles, or any firearm other than those for hunting. If this rings true, I will have to store/sell my other firearms and take my rifles with me.

    Now the questions:

    Is there a long duration-type import permit?
    How many firearms are allowed?

    Any help/info/guidance is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Importing Rifles into Namibia

    You should get someone in Nam to guide you through the paper-war on that side. But I know people over there who own all types of guns, handguns and SLR's included. Apparently licensing is not as bothersome there, as in ZA.

    There is a restriction on the types of guns you can take there on a TEMPRORARY EXPORT/RE-IMPORT permit. AFAIK, only manual rifles and shotguns, with 200 rounds each.

    The other obstacle will be to get an (permanent) export permit on the ZA side. All these have to be approved by the conventional small arms committe (or similar state institution). You might need some help. I suggest you speak to a dealer who has done this before. Maybe Rosenthals in CT can help, as they also have a shop in Windhoek?

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    Default Re: Importing Rifles into Namibia

    Looking at going a similar route but I also want to import semi-autos. Did you manage in the end?

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    Default Re: Importing Rifles into Namibia

    Quote Originally Posted by Ungie View Post
    Looking at going a similar route but I also want to import semi-autos. Did you manage in the end?
    Seems like the OP hasn't been active on this forum since 2018, he might be living his best life in Namibia right now.
    Maybe try Facebook in searching for a Namibian group or ask on the Gunsite Facebook group

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