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Thread: Rooftop Tents

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    Quote Originally Posted by mix View Post
    I love the idea of a rtt. Ideal for a quick getaway to Matroosberg in the phone forest after scaling their summit. With the kids so small a one nighter is all we get and I do fancy a mattress to sleep on! I looked at the impi but I'm not a fan.

    I await details of a rtt from a mate so will see.

    Check the ads on LCCSA forum or LandyOnline. They come up pretty regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Springer View Post
    Ok. Got you.
    Springer, what make is your rtt?

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    Ive got the howling moon, and it has seen some miles in the 5 years I've owned it. Really well made, heavy duty, if you look after it it will last you forever. It is a bit more on the pricey side though.
    A friend of mine bought the Front runner recently. Very nice, looks good. But lighter duty for sure. The material, zips, cover, everything is just a bit "lighter". He is considering getting the howling moon after our last windy camp.

    Also, I cannot imagine life without my RTT. Myself and the lady joke that its our Beach house and our cabin in the woods.

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    Post deleted, saw date of original post. lol

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