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    Question Help Identifying Mauser Type Action


    Just received an old action only. top front it says "COLOMBIA FUERZAS MILITARES" with their logo i presume. top back it says ".30" and on the left side it says "FAB. NAT. D'ARMES de GUERRE HERSTAL-BELGIQUE".

    Would just like to know the story behind the action, the approximate age and if its worth anything?

    Bolt is 90*(No Scope???). Serial number on action is 05632. (No Scope???)

    Thus far I know it was meant for the Colombian Military, made by Fabrique Nationales in Herstal, Belgium and built for the .30cal?

    Ivan Lamprecht

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    Default Re: Help Identifying Mauser Type Action

    Sounds like it is a Columbian M1950 military (Mauser) action, produced by FN for the Colombian army. These rifle were chambered for the .30-06 cartridge.

    In original complete condition, the rifle may have had some collectors value.
    The action itself is not worth more than any other good military Mauser action, I guess anywhere between 1,500 - 2,500 depending on condition.

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    I have one exactly like it, with a step tapered barrel.

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