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    Default GunBroker South Africa - A quick update.

    The GunBroker website was setup in 2010 as a classifieds site for everyone to use, as we restricted the classifieds on GunSite to active members. We did this because a forum soon becomes a community and we wanted to ensure that forum members felt safe when buying or selling on the site. Unfortunately this excluded a lot of people that wanted to sell stuff and we needed to accommodate these guys too.

    GunBroker ticked along for a number of years, but we realised that we needed to update things a bit, so we have just done that. Although the site looks similar, the functionality is much better. A couple of the changes include:

    - You can now log in to with your Facebook details
    - All ads are also automatically posted to the GunBroker Facebook Page
    - There is a GunBroker Group on Facebook
    - The site is now useable on a mobile, it sucked before
    - Re-listing ads now works, this was a bit hit and miss before
    - Maps have been added for whatever benefit they might add :)

    You don't need to add your email address or telephone number to the listing if you don't want, the contact form protects these details.

    The site is free for everyone to use, individuals and dealers.

    If there are any changes that you think might improve the usability of the site, please let us know.

    Finally, all listings are manually approved. We do as we try to catch any potential scammers and spammers before they post their rubbish. We know this has been an issue on some sites in the past.

    Here are links to the various locations:
    Facebook Page:
    Facebook Group:
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    GunSite South Africa
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    Default Re: GunBroker South Africa - A quick update.

    Cool. Hope it works well.

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    Default Re: GunBroker South Africa - A quick update.

    Nice, well done guys.

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    Default Re: GunBroker South Africa - A quick update.

    Maybe add this as a sticky under the For Sale section.

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