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    Default Fighting in and around Vehicles Course: 12-13 December (Rooikraal Range)

    Good day IFTA Members,

    Mark Human from MDW (Multidimensional Warriors) will be hosting another Vehicle Fighting Course in early December. This course if highly recommended!

    The course deals with the skills necessary to react positively when - simply driving out of high risk conditions is impractical or denied.

    Because of the pace and mobile nature of this course there will be a large emphasis on safety.

    Course Content

    • Weapon handling skills for combat in and around vehicles
    • Vehicle terminal ballistics
    • Vehicle gun fighting concepts and force on force exercises
    • Live fire drills

    Presenter: Mark Human

    Cost: R1,850

    Ammunition: 200 rounds (Handgun)
    Other Minimum Gear: Eye Protection, Ear Protection. Elbow and Knee Guards, good strong gloves a must!

    Time: 09h30- +- 15h30 each day

    Venue: Rooikraal Shooting Range

    To Book email:

    For more info call Mark on
    082 559 8319
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    Default Re: Fighting in and around Vehicles Course: 12-13 December (Rooikraal Range)

    If you can get on this course, do it. It's brilliant.

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