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    Default What's your favourite pin load

    Hi all

    First let's get this out of the way. By no means do I or anybody that might or might not post below take any responsibility if you blow up your gun. Common sense is the answer here.

    Sorry about that but i'm always worried when it comes to the topic of reloads.

    Now with all of that out of the way. I was just wondering what your favourite pins loads are.

    Mine are:
    40 S&W: 180gr Frontier CMJ RNFP bullet on 5.6gr MP200
    357 Mag: 180gr Josyd RNFP lead on 10.3gr S265 (in a 38spl cases)
    9mmP: 124gr Frontier CMJ RNFP on 4.2gr MP200

    Seems to do the trick just fine for me. That's if I hit the pin of course. I swear they dodge bullets. Those tricky pins.

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    When I still shot pins
    9mmP 120gr Lee TC, 4.7gr MP200
    .45ACP 228gr Lee HP 5.4gr MS200
    .44RMag 225 gr Lyman, 11gr MP200 or 235gr Lyman 10.5gr MP200.

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    Been a very long time since I went to Second Chance. In the main, 5 Pin event, you had to knock the pins 3ft OFF of the table. (9Pin you only had to knock them over) My favorite load for the main event was .45acp...Speer factory 200gr 'flying ashtray' at around 900-950 FPS. Controllable, took a serious 'bite' of a pin, took pins off with authority and not too hard on guns. It won me some guns and other prizes over the years. The old H&G 200gr SWC at around 900 will also do the trick, but not, in my experience, as well as that old flying ashtray. (Original Super Vel 190gr JHP was also a very good pin load)
    Run Fast, Bite Hard!

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    Yeah, the 45 is a big favourite at our range as well. But being the new kid on the block I'm showing them that the Small & Weak does the job just fine.

    But that doesn't mean I'm not going to put my 45 to use as soon as i get my license. :) Well that and my Smith & Wesson 625 when they finally give me the card. The license was approved on the 11th of March already but still no license and hence still no gun. :( :(

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