The Limpopo Pin Shooting Championships starts on Friday at the Polokwane Shooting Range. On Friday mainly the elective rifle events, Saturday the core events and other electives, on Sunday the elimination (Man-vs-Man) shoot-offs.

The events are:
9-Pin (mainly 9mmP and .40S&W pistols)
Stock Gun (mainly .40 & .45 pistols, .357 Mag & .44 Mag revolvers)
Pin Gun (mainly same firearms as Stock Gun)
Stock Revolver (mainly .357 and .44 Mag revolvers)
Pin Revolver (same as for Stock Revolver, also 8 shot revolvers)

.22 Pistol
.22 Rifle Manual
.22 Rifle Semi-Auto
Manual Shotgun
Semi-Auto Shotgun
Light Rifle (.223) Semi-Auto
Light Rifle Manual
Open Rifle (mainly 7.62) Semi-Auto)
Open Rifle Manual ( mainly hunting rifles)
Pocket Pistol
Subway Snubbie Revolver

Most participants will want to do most or even all of these events, so a busy shooting weekend ahead.

I believe that there will be about 80 participants, with a large contingent from Gauteng also attending. It is a family sport, so expect to see a number of ladies and children (Pee Wees and Juniors) shooting.