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    Default Woman Shoots and Kills Gunman at Mega-Church

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    Balls of steel.......................she has em.
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    "Jeanne Assam fired approximately twelve rounds, and took down someone armed with rifle, shotgun, and pistol and who was reportedly wearing body armor...." (DefensiveCarry Concealed Carry Forum)

    "Jeanne Assam was in the middle of a religious fast and in the middle of the church lobby when she shot a 24-year-old gunman who had already killed four people at two religious sites and was bent on killing more Christians.

    Jeanne Assam, a volunteer, shot Michael Matthew at New Life Church in Colorado. Investigators have announced this afternoon that Assam's bullets struck gunman Matthew Murray, identified late Monday as the man responsible for both Sunday shootings in Colorado...." (ABC News)

    "I engaged him and I took him down," Jeanne Assam said at a news conference afterwards. Jeanne Assam fired 10 shots from 63 feet away..." (xavierthoughts.blogspot)

    But Google it and you'll find that it is amazing how many of the the listings spotlight the fact that she was dismissed as a police officer some 7 years prior to the event for lying during an internal investigation (a complaint that Assam swore at a bus driver while she was handling an incident on a city bus was apparently investigated. In giving a statement about the incident, she was untruthful and she was fired. The swearing was caught on tape), and largely ignore the fact that she was a voluntary security officer at the time!

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