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    I just went the cheap route and bought a Lee 230gr .309 mold and cast. Also Powder coat them. Works very well and very good accuracy out of it. Fraction of cost buying bullets.

    To get very quiet I removed Buffer weights and increased Gas port hole to same size as inner of gas tube. 3mm. Could be 3.1mm. All of these and can go very low on powder reliably.
    My reply is similar if not exactly the same. I have in my possession a custom mould belonging to a friend, so I can't sell bullets cast from it. It casts a tad heavier than 230 grain. Why pay the high cost of jacketed for subsonic when a plain base cast will do very well? I cast bullets commercially for 30 years but it was very hard earned money - now I don't need to thankfully except for myself.

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    Default Re: 300 Blackout bende

    Been having a lot of fun with this calibre, shooting it subsonic in the PDW with a Silent Steel can.
    I’m using Vihtavuori N110 propellant and very happy with it - it burns clean, which is also great for suppressors.

    I’ve used Lupua 220gr and Sierra 200gr projectiles which work quite well at a COAL of 2.230 which is perfect for feeding. Case fill is close to 100% on the former given the longer projectile. I get good stabilization with the faster 1/7 twist on them. I’m also loading RBTs. The sweet spot thus far has been 1,000fps with 200gr.

    I’ve used a variety of brass incl cases which I’ve converted from 556 brass. I’ve had good performance with JF stamped 556 cases but just to note they have a small flash hole so take care with de-priming so as not to break your pin. Also note that some cases like Starline uses thicker brass so check your case volumes as it is easy to increase pressure with such a small case. This can of course work to your advantage if you know what you’re doing.

    I have a variety of 300BLK sizing dies but ended up using the Forster one. RCBS small base is recommended for AR style rifles but I found the Forster perfect for the PDW chamber. I have a dedicated Dillon 750 setup for it which for me is a must have given how fun this calibre is to shoot subsonic.

    The PDW cycles like a champ with all the loads - very impressed with this rifle and calibre. It’s such a great combo if you enjoy reloading and shooting.

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