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    Default Exclusive Books and Gun Magazines

    I smelled a rat when I could find no Gun mags at Exclusive Books while CNA stocks a wide range. I sent them an e-mail. Here's what transpired:

    > From: D
    > Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 8:36 PM
    > To:
    > Subject: Firearm Magazines
    > Good day

    > I have noticed that Exclusive Books does not stock copies of any of the
    > American firearm magazines or the local Magnum magazine. This strikes me as
    > unusual as CNA stocks these and their sales staff inform me that they move
    > quickly and one often has to get there early to get a copy. In light of
    > this and the many lesser-known overseas magazines Exclusive Books stocks
    > I'm certain there must a fairly substantial market for these.
    > Could you please tell me:
    > 1. Does Exclusive Books have a policy opposing the sale of
    > firearm-related magazines?
    > 2. Do you intend stocking any of the American firearm magazines in
    > future?
    > I do most of my book shopping at Exclusive and would prefer it if I could
    > purchase my firearm magazines there too.
    > Kind Regards

    Dear D

    Thank you for you mail, my apologies for the late response.

    Exclusive Books has in the past stocked all types of Firearm publications including the local Magnum magazine and the sales did not warrant placement on our magazine shelves.

    As a book retailer we are not as fortunate as CNA and other retail outlets when it comes to magazine shelf space and have to be selective with product, if however you would like to be able to purchase a copy of Magnum magazine at Exclusive Books please discuss this with an Exclusive Book store of your choice and I am sure they will be able to accommodate you by especially requesting the title to be delivered to the branch of your choosing. The branch can keep it for you until you collect. Please note that the store will only be able to keep the magazine up until the date of return, if the magazine is not collected before the return date the store is obliged to return it to the distributor in order to receive credit.

    Please contact me if you need any further assistance.

    Kind Regards,
    Brigitte van Tonder
    Group Magazine Coordinator
    Exclusive Books
    (011) 798 0000

    The response seemed pretty open and honest. To be fair, Exclusive does stock books on firearm related matters

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    Its a fair reply.
    Their history section is pretty well stocked & they do have Jane's fighting ships/aircraft and such like, the last time I checked.
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    They've got the ABC's of reloading, and some other firearm books. I think the one here in BFN has Magnum last time I looked (but it's been a while since I checked).

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    They had a series of Glocks in PMB store. Maybe they just sell out fast in your area. My dad also found some hunting stuff there the other day.
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    yup, fair response i think - for all the ballache just walk across the way to the CNA, although, they have some history / military books that CNA doesnt.

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    Also found that very odd i was Cape Town a few weeks back and at the branch in Canal Walk and the lady did say to me that some branches just don't have the space. The lady there was very helpful and did also say that she can order any gun magazines which i was looking for.

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