We're pleased to announce that PRS South Africa has been invited (4 slots) to the 2017 PRS FINALE to be held in Camargo, Oklahoma, USA from the 8th to the 10th of December 2017.

We’re hoping that this will become a regular occurrence, and future international team competition, as PRS grows within South Africa and other countries outside of the USA.

To qualify to compete, competitors are required to;
  • Be a fully paid up PRS USA member,
  • Obtain a minimum of 3 Major PRS match scores.

Slots will be given to SA competitors in highest rank of the combined total of their 3 best major match scores, as per standard PRS Scoring rules.

Current registered SA major PRS competitors and scores:
R Ramsden: 100 pts
P Malan: 84.375 pts
Gt Anderson: 77.5 pts
D Klaver: 30.625 pts

At this point; there is only 1 confirmed Major PRS match (Steel Storm 2017) scheduled in South Africa this year, however; LRSA (Gauteng) have indicated that they might be putting on an additional Major PRS match in September/October this year. Any other international Major PRS matchs will count towards the above requirements, should SA competitors wish to qualify.

Note: This is NOT an official SA Team, and SA Colours, in any shape or form, will NOT be given.