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    Voluntary Membership

    The owners of GunSite South Africa have decided to implement a voluntary membership.

    The first question from you the user will obviously be, “why?”

    The answer to this is multiple and perhaps better explained in the following points:

    1. We believe that is the best way to ensure the long term viability of the site and as a way of furthering our long term objectives, which includes unifying all South African gun owners.
    2. We know that we have grown to an extent where we can positively influence public sentiment as recently seen.
    3. GunSite™ South Africa would like to from time to time, sponsor various shooting competitions or shooters and in so doing promote responsible gun ownership while at the same time increasing site awareness and membership. A portion would go to-wards this.

    The next question will no doubt be “How much?”

    A yearly membership of around R 450.00, this equates to about R 38.00 per month.

    Lastly the question of “So what do I get for this?” no doubt springs to mind.

    • The points listed above give you the opportunity to join a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who will not only have a forum to share and debate ideas, but also be part of a family who has your interests at heart.
    • Members will be included in a yearly draw of a firearm.
    • Members will have increased PM storage facilities. This will increase from 10 to 300
    • Access the exclusive sections of the forum
    • Avatar
    • Animated avatar facility
    • You own private photo album to upload and share photos
    • Ability to post in the for sale section of the forum
    • Signed up members will be given the title of “Member

    We believe that the benefits far exceed the monthly subscription fee. We hope that you all agree.

    The GunSite South Africa team.

    Here's the link to sign up to become a member:

    YEAR END PRIZE 2016:

    Remington 700 SPS 30-06
    Supplied by Safari Outdoor

    Banking details for membership, if not using paypal please use your forum username as a reference:

    Standard Bank
    Standard Bank Square Polokwane
    Branch Code: 052548,
    Account Number: 330062476

    Please mail proof to to enable us to load you. (Credit card/paypal is automated) It remains your responsibility to check that your membership was loaded once you have paid, if you don't see your status change to "member", please contact us immediately.

    All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited after 11 months. Prizes can't be exchanged for cash values.
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