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    Cool PRS match: Steel Storm 2017

    The Steel Storm 2017 PRS match is just around the corner on the 11th and 12th of November.
    There's still time to get your entries in !

    What to expect

    • 2 days of shooting (1 day practical, 1 day tactical)
    • 8-9 stages per day
    • 70+ targets per day (minimum)
    • 2kms of easy hiking / walking on the practical range on a farm road.
    • each stage will have 4-12 target opportunities
    • a maximum time limit of 3 minutes per practical stage
    • crazy fun super fast tactical stages
    • movement between stages will not be timed
    • to carry all gear required from the start to the end of the practical range
    • target distances 200-1000 meters, 90% within 350-750 meters.
    • targets are between 1.5 and 3 MOA
    • fantastic geographic features for a hike-and-shoot match
    • true East to West stages on the Practical Range
    • high angle stages on the Practical Range.
    • great sponsored prizes.

    Best way to get into PRS is: Jump right in.

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    Default Re: PRS match: Steel Storm 2017

    Big thank you to EuroOptic Africa and Vortex Optics for sponsorship of the Steel Storm 2017 PRS match.
    They have sponsored 2 x Vortex Diamondback Binoculars, a Vortex Ranger 1500 Rangefinder, and numerous branded caps.
    Head on over to for all your high end long range shooting gear.
    Great Products, Great Guys, and Great Service.

    PS: A little birdy told us that EuroOptic Africa have just received a HUGE shipment of new Vortex Scopes and Optics, including the brand new VIPER PST 5-25x50 MRAD FFP Scope.
    Head on over and Get Em While They're HOT !!!

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    Default Re: PRS match: Steel Storm 2017

    Another huge Thank You, this time to Bullet Central who have generously sponsored the choice of either a 'Bartlein or Krieger barrel, including Fitment' to the Steel Storm 2017 prize table.
    Bullet Central are the leaders in custom PRS rifles in South Africa, and your go to guys for Defiance Actions, Bix 'n Andy Triggers, Bartlein and Krieger Barrels and new for 2018 MPA PRS Competition Chassis's (coming soon).

    If you've seen those top of the range match rifle setups in the USA, on Facebook, YouTube and other social media and figured you could never get one in SA... well now you know you CAN... get them built up to your specifications at Bullet Central.

    Check them out at

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    Default Re: PRS match: Steel Storm 2017

    We are excited to be part of this great competition! Great work guys!!

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    Default Re: PRS match: Steel Storm 2017

    Sounds amazing, guys. Congratulations!
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    Default Re: PRS match: Steel Storm 2017

    Another massive Thank You to Gun Warrior and their sponsorship of a Self Timing Brake and a Warrior Ultimate Silencer.
    This time to make it even more exciting, the brake and silencer will be up for grabs after the prize table in a LUCKY DRAW. So even if your dope was eaten by the dog... Gun Warrior are there to save the day and make sure you're still in line for an AWESOME prize.
    Gun Warrior are one of SA's top chassis, suppressor, brake and rifle accessories manufacturers, so head on over to and see what they can do for your rifle.
    They'll also be competing at Steel Storm, so you'll see their killer products in action.

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    Default Re: PRS match: Steel Storm 2017

    More Fantastic News!... C W Price, the importers of Kestrel Meters in South Africa have generously sponsored a Kestrel 5700 Applied Ballistics (with LiNK) for the Steel Storm 2017 PRS match. This is the 2nd year that they have sponsored this event, and we value their continued support.
    The Kestrel 5700 Elite - Applied Ballistics handheld weather meter and Ballistics Solver is the single most significant addition to any long range shooter's equipment, right after purchase of a rifle and scope. Once calibrated to your rifle, the Kestrel 5700 Elite - Applied Ballistics continues to monitor environmental changes and constantly updates you with the most accurate shooting solution for your rifle to well past transonic distances.
    If you're wanting a ballistic solution that you can 100% rely on, contact CW Price at 011 805-4720 or via their website:

    Click here to see the range of Kestrel Meters at CW Price.

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    Default Re: PRS match: Steel Storm 2017

    Final Results for Tac Driver's Steel Storm 2017.
    Congratulations to the winners !

    Open Division Winners

    Tactical Division Winners

    Range/Stage results

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