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    Default Bianchi Cup May 5 2019

    Email from Grant:

    "Hi Bianchi Shooters
    Please remember this is a Bianchi Sunday.
    Shooting will start at 08H30 at Premier, please come and join us.
    So that is this coming Sunday 5 May, at Premier Shooting club, be there no later than 08:00. You will need 200 rounds. Entry is usually around R100. You need to be affiliated or a member of some shooting body like idpa or ipsc or nsa or natshoot, basically something to prove you are not a noob and a safety risk. Other than that, it is going to be awesome fun.

    The rules are NRA Action Rules:

    But in short, shoot with something that you can get six shots out of at a time at least. Shoot from a side carry holster,(if it is legal in ipsc or idpa, it seems good to go), and shoot with a caliber that gives you at least a power factor of 120 and is at least a 9mm (this is except for rimfire catagory afaik)

    Do try this out! It is highly recommended.

    More info here also:

    For more info, email Grant at

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    Default Re: Bianchi Cup May 5 2019

    For those who have not been or recently been to Premier Range, here is how to find it:

    Tjhe turnoff from the R613 is here:!4d28.4983447

    The exact location of the turnoff is at
    25°40'45.4"S 28°29'54.0"E

    -25.679270, 28.498345

    Once you have turned off, follow the dirt road on your left as it winds towards the range:


    Once on the range, here is where we meet:


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