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    Default Re: NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE.... the final reason to get out soon

    The two who were lunched on/lynched were dealing in child trafficking and body parts.
    Never heard of the kayaking story.

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    Default Re: NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE.... the final reason to get out soon

    Was that Riaan Manser by any chance( if I have his name correct)?

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    Default Re: NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE.... the final reason to get out soon

    Quote Originally Posted by GAZZAMCK View Post
    For me Cape Town would be ideal before UK
    An independent Western Cape would be even better hahahaha
    In view of the pickle SA is in I won't say that the UK is a bad idea. But it's not what it once was. The lockdown left a lot of economic problems. Uncontrolled mostly illegal immigration has created big problems of housing availability and cost, medical services stretched to the point of bare availability. The idea of mass immigration (Tony Blair) was to increase GDP. It has done that in gross terms but a reduction in per capita. Most are unskilled resulting in (1) a net drain on services instead of the net positive selective immigration is supposed to produce (2) downward pressure on the incomes of the anglo saxon working class and (3) an uptick in crime. Perhaps worst of all is the incredible militancy of the Islamists and the distinct possibility that the UK will be Islamic by 2050.

    But what are we who must remain here to do? We must choose between accepting the inevitable or taking a different path. But what would the latter be and how to accomplish it? Secession is the only solution but I have been reluctant to mention it because I get crapped on so violently ie a sensible discussion seems to be impossible, but let me try anyway. The WC has received a veritable flood of people from Gauteng who are settling for the WC because they can't emigrate. But its not that simple. The DA's majority reduced from 58% to 55 in 2021 and is expected to reduce to 52 next Wednesday. The WC population is 30% black many of which according to some researchers continue to vote ANC. In the other eight provinces support for ANC & EFF (and now MK) collectively has never reduced significantly so there is every possibility of the WC returning to leftist control a few years hence. We therefore have only a few years window of opportunity. Three opinion polls by the DA's chosen polling outfit Victory Research have shown increasing support for rerendum now standing at about 70%. But a referendum can only be called by the provincial premier who refuses. We are often told, usually in dismissive and contemptuous terms how impossible it is. Why is it impossible? At least 50 countries are the result of secession since WW2. Is it suggested that we should not attempt the only logical and viable option available? Anyhow, two parties and two other organisations have partnered in the hope of forcing the DA below 50%. If the DA gets 48% it will need coalition with parties that broadly share its outlook except for secession. The price of that coalition will be the DA's acceptance of referendum. We don't think we'll get lucky this time - we think the DA will get a bit more than 50. But the trend indicates that we'll succeed in 2026 or 2029. If SA survives that long.

    I deserted the DA after forty years of loyal and entusiastic support. One of my reasons is the sheer dishonesty of its election campaign. It is telling voters that a vote not for the DA will amount to letting in the ANC. That's false for two reasons. Firstly the ANC's vote has reduced at every election and it has never come remotely close to taking the WC. But secondly the "split vote" thing applies only in constituency based systems like the US and UK, not to PR systems like ours. The DA knows that but is cynically exploiting the fact that many voters believe it. Not to put too fine a point on it, the DA is lying to voters.

    In any case, it can be argued that a vote for the DA in the WC is ultimately a vote for the ANC because the DA's obstruction of referendum could deprive us of the demographic window of opportunity.

    Now that I've added to the gloom, let me report a BizNews interview of Dr Anthea Jeffery. She said that at least three Metros/Provinces will get governments other than ANC. She explained in detail provisions of law and the constitution that tell us among other things that BEE is not mandated to the extent to which it has been applied. It seems to boil down to business arse licking the ANC. But she suggested/recommended that different governments in those provinces might throw out BEE or at least a lot of it. That offers some hope.

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    Default Re: NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE.... the final reason to get out soon

    Dick methinks you must visit the rest of SA. THERE IS NOTHING LEFT.
    Living in your Cape bubble blinds you to the fact that the ANC has destroyed the roads the utilities the services.
    The towns are filthy the water is poison. Shit running down the roads. Oh and the lovely smell of shit when you drive into the little towns of the Free State.
    If you see a rabbits ears peeping out of a pothole. Its not a rabbit its a giraffe or a donkey.
    30 years of peace and prosperity. What a BS story.

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