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The G20 and G29 are not really hard to shoot and Glock tames the full power 10 like no other handgun does.
Since the discussion is about the SAPSF Pocket Pistol discipline, I was thinking along the lines of a pistol that will be allowed and competitive.

I'm not disputing the shootability of the G29 in general terms, but it won't be my first choice for a competition gun. Same as a G27, for example. That is with full-power loads.

But if I had one, I would load it down to where I could shoot it as fast as I can shoot a 9mm and use it for Pocket Pistol. Mind you! I might just get one for this purpose now. A 10mmA Pocket Pistol should be a decent companion to the 44 Mag Snubby.

A friend let me shoot his Sig P320 Compact in 45 ACP. Even with factory loads it is very controlable and fast. The G29 and G30 should perform similarly.

So yes, you are right. They are very shootable.