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    The local Warrior shorty is an excellent choice. Enough sound dampening so you can shoot without ear pro, short enough not to add length or weight. Can add muzzle break to it also for range/comp use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .45 View Post
    I am convinced of Ase Ultra, in part due to your shared experience. I am still interested in attaching one to a 6.5x55 for hunting purposes. Which model do you suggest.
    1. The SL5i series or
    2. The Jet Z series or
    3. The new Radien series
    Please assist, as I value your unconflicted and experienced guidance.
    I’ve got the radien they brilliant for bolt use

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    Default Re: Which Silencer...again

    Thanks guys, sent a few email out and reading some pieces on those suggested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afzals1 View Post
    I’ve got the radien they brilliant for bolt use
    May I ask where you purchased it from and on what rifle caliber do you use it.

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