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    Default TheQM – Grip n Go

    From R1211.00

    Get. Unstuck. Quickly.
    Grip and Go are Traction Treads used for emergencies that is specially designed to ensure your vehicle is able to disengage from soft,wet terrain such as mud or thick sand.
    Length extended 1.2m
    The Length folded per single Traction Tread is 390mm
    With a Width of 220mm and a Height of 50mm
    Height Folded 120mm
    A Rod size of 235mm x 8mm and the Length of the Rope is 6 meters
    Weight per Individual Traction Tread is 970g and is made of HDPE Material
    Weight is 3.23kgs. Much lighter than steel tracks
    Manufactured from HDPE
    Includes 6m Lenght rope to recover the track from the soft sand and mud.
    Compact: Can be stored in in vehicle or on Roof Rack.
    Each section can be used as a Foot Plate for a Hi-Lift Jack.

    Made in South Africa

    It comes with a Durable, Reusable and Waterproof Bag and is Easy to carry around.

    >>***Not to be used for bridging***<<

    To order, follow the link to the online store:
    or contact us on 011-477-7031 or email us on


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    Default Re: TheQM – Grip n Go

    I can vouch for these!!!
    Excellent product
    Helped a stuck 3 ton truck in moz as well as a few members whose R&R's made bad decisions happen

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    Default Re: TheQM – Grip n Go

    It's always great to get first hand feedback on our products.
    Thanks for taking the time to post.

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