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But can it ?

A recent scientific study by David Klatzow, funded by the broader firearm owning community, to examine the validity of ballistic imaging has shown that there is very little evidence to prove that a certain bullet or cartridge has been fired from a particular firearm.


What is the incidence of hunting rifles being used in the commission of a crime ( NOT talking about poaching -- where in many cases the firearm is not legally licensed anyway ! )
In 1996 I was involved in a shooting between me and a group of armed robbers in Hatfield Pretoria.
I was shot once with a .380 CZ 83 and the bullet was not recovered. The bullet that missed me was recovered in Ginger Cafe or something at the corner of Hilda and Prospect street. I fired 13 rounds from my issue Z88 using police issue "over penetrators". Some of my bullet jackets / bullets were recovered against a concrete wall after traveling through Mr Armed Robber, and eleven of my cases were recovered.

I sat through the whole inquest in court and listened to all the witnesses and ballistics experts' testimony.

None of the 9mm cases or bullets recovered definitively matched my Z88 and the same was true for the bullet and case that came out of the CZ83. So much for ballistic fingerprinting...