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    Default Re: Big T talks a lot and now on podcast.

    This is all waaaay too serious IMO.

    I came here for social friendly "gun talk" and seeking information from experts who have been around for ages, not too be lectured at by the headmaster/s on why my opinion is wrong.

    If you don't want topics other than guns, then get rid of the Small Talk, Speakers Corner and Stront Praat sections.

    Though from what I have seen those sections see very little traffic since I have been here and that is surprising given the 3 month lockdown we just went through. Talking about Covid-19 and lockdown related topics during the epidemic is not surprising but even then gun topics far outweigh non-gun topics.

    So Big T left Gunsite, so what, it seems people come and go all the time. Some people like him, some people don't, that's just the way life works.

    I know my opinion probably counts for little but all I'm saying is let's not turn this site into some serious "my way or the highway" gun forum where differing opinions aren't tolerated. Yes it's not a democracy but running it like a jailhouse is more than likely to chase away even more people.

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    Default Re: Big T talks a lot and now on podcast.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ds J View Post
    Folks, please let it be? GS is a caring community, and digging up the old cows is not necessary.

    Gleock, this is not directed at you.

    The emotions ran high at times, and there is no good reason to go down that road again.
    I know you said not directed at me, but I didn't ask to wake sleeping dogs.
    I've been on here for a while and while Big T had an intolerance for idiots, he had great capacity for dealing with them. I just wanted to see how bad the stupidity was that made him rage quit.

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    Default Re: Big T talks a lot and now on podcast.

    Quote Originally Posted by Adoons View Post
    Noted and agreed.

    Just a comment that maybe the moderators or owners have missed. In the structures way up there, people know each other. On the threads, users and contributors don't. I know, the question is now going to be to supply the evidence. I don't have the time to go and search for it. I have seen, here on Gunsite that the moderators and/or owners (whom I have no idea they are) form a type of "gang" against users or others that have no idea who the experts or their expertise are. For instance, a user would ask or comment on a post by one of the high "ranking officials." This commentator has no idea even that he is commenting on something that "the General or one of the Generals" have posted. He has no idea it is the general. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, all those (the colonels and majors and captains) that know it is the general that spoke come down on this person in a personal manner and defend the general and his staff in a personal way and get personal, but this user have not gotten personal. He doesn't even know who for instance Big-T or SSP or etc etc is. (Myself has no idea.) And he also don't care. He commented and gave his opinion without getting personal (that I have now read and understand is not what the owners are after. Opinions are not acceptable on Gunsite, only hard facts backed by evidence it seems.)

    But I also agree, we don't want it to be a Facebook or Instragram or Twitter type where any "brain fart" is acceptable.

    The reason for more and more non-firearm related discussions are a simple answer. Lockdown, boredom, not shooting because of lockdown restrictions etc. Life is not normal currently. Comments and discussions on Gunsite will also not be normal.
    Just a comment: Having been on this forum for a while, I have had the opportunity (maybe privilege) to meet and/or talk to quite a few of the members, moderators and even one of the owners. Got the T-shirt to prove it! The shooting community in SA is not really all that big. People know each other and attend the same gun-related events occasionally. That's one of the functions of this forum, to get like-minded people together and exchange information. Obviously, views will differ. Differences have to be managed in a civilized manner. So, someone needs to do the unpleasant job of keeping everyone within the demarcated lines. That is part and parcel of civilization. The art is to not spoil all the fun while still keeping things civil. If the control is percieved to be draconian, people will exercise the option to leave, and that will eventually kill the fun for all of us. One of the problems with social media is (yes, that is what this forum is), that people feel comfortable to post things here that they would likely never do in public. Dude, there are thousands of people who read your (and mine) ramblings here. This is not a private conversation, even though you may feel that you are sitting alone in front of your keyboard. Try not to post anything here that you would not be willing to post on a huge billboard in front of your house. Well, maybe not even that...

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    Default Re: Big T talks a lot and now on podcast.

    Nailed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by SSP View Post
    Gunsite is not "the media".

    You, I and everyone else is here at the pleasure of the site owners. They get to say what goes and what stays. Much like you get to do that in your own home. That said, moderators here are far more tolerant of bullshit than those on other forums where serious topics are discussed, like lightfighter and pistolforums.

    You don't like it, and you obviously feel like your rights to freedom of expression are being suppressed, you are free to leave.

    The core problem, as I see it, is that this site is becoming less and less about guns every day. The signal to noise ratio at the moment is very poor.

    This is why many members, moderators included, are no longer active. This is to be lamented because their absence deprives us all, and especially the people just getting into guns of many years of experience.

    Many people here make the mistake of thinking that they are Gunsite's "customers" and that they are entitled to something. That is not how forums in general, and this one in particular, work.

    The cold hard fact is that whilst everyone may be entitled to form and hold their own opinions, they must accept that those opinions will be challenged and they will be expected to back them up with facts, as opposed to feelings. Not everyone is used to that.

    In addition, not everyone's opinion has the same value. By way of example, little Miss Thrunberg may have an opinion on COVID-19, and whilst CNN seem to think that that opinion is valid, her opinion does not, and cannot have the same value as an actual trained immunologist. Most people cannot accept that fact about their own opinions.

    Gunsite needs more talk about guns, less extraneous bullshit and certainly less petty whining and sniveling.
    "Guns are just tools, the way they're used reflects the society they're apart of, if you don't like guns, blame it on society" ~Chris Kyle

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