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Thread: Stoeger M3k

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    I hope you get your licence for the M3K soon.

    I have no regrets on owning a M3K.

    Buy a few cases of slugs,birdshot and buckshot and learn to shoot that powertool/artillery gun well.


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    BRO tests Svarog Botfly slugs in a Stoeger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg View Post
    BRO tests Svarog Botfly slugs in a Stoeger.
    I have the Svarog Sveroboy mold. Its similar to the Botfly in that it is screwed to a wad piston for drag stabilization, is pre-segmented and has near full calibre drive bands. If the my experience of the Sveroboy is anything to go by I'd take a Botfly in a heartbeat. Amazingly accurate and devastatingly effective.

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    Some Benelli M2 parts fit in the M3K.

    For example the M2 extractor and extractor spring, inertia spring, hammer spring,hammer spring cap and some other springs too.

    When I replaced the extractor with a M2 extractor and it was noticeable that the machining on the M2 extractor is smoother and more precise.

    Someone I know had his M3K start developing extraction problems and then a M2 extractor and spring were fitted and the problem was solved.

    I have now fitted a M2 hammer to my M3K and it works very well.The profile of the hammer is slightly different ,however I found that the sear engagement when the hammer is cocked(with the trigger group removed) to be smoother and lighter because of the slightly different profile and more precise machining.The trigger feels nice and it is a good modification the M3K.

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    Total of 2000 shells fired in my M3K and it is still running well.

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